Pension Plan
 National Pension (Kokumin Nenkin)
 Employees' Pension (Kosei Nenkin)
 Mutual-Aid Association Pension (Kyosai Nenkin)


 In case of the past insured of the above pensions when you were resident in Japan, you may receive the Japanese Pension(s).:

* Retirement Pension
 General Requirements for Receiving the Japanese Pension Benefits
  - 25 year contributions to one of, two of, or all the above pensions
  - Summed up to 25 year contributions to one of, two of, or all of the above
   pensions and contributions to the pensions of the following agreement partner countries:
   Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
   and U.S.A..
   The contributions to the British and Korean pensions cannot be summed up to the Japanese ones.

 Note: The exceptions of requirements may apply to the date of birth and the pensions.

Receiving age

Pensions Age
National Pension 65
Employees' Pension 61
Mutual-Aid Association Pension 61

 * The receiving age indicated above is general information. Please ask further conditions.

 *Disability Pension
 *Survivor Pension

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